Cast iron backing dish 22x30 cm orange
  • Cast iron backing dish 22x30 cm orange

Cast iron backing dish 22x30 cm - Silvercooking


Dimensions: 22x30 cm

Capacity: 2,65 lt

Weight: 2,70 kg

Servings: 6/8

Use and maintenance

COMPATIBILITY: usable with all heat sources, including induction. Not compatible with microwave ovens.

CLEANING: dishwasher safe.

WARNINGS: do not put hot products in water in order to avoid thermal shock; avoid metal tools that could damage the coating.

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The Silver enamelled cast iron dish is ideal for cooking in the oven. It is suitable for the preparation of many different recipes, ranging from sweet to savory.

The double handles allow an easy and safe grip.

It is made entirely of cast iron, a material characterized by radiating heat in an optimal way, spreading it slowly and distributing it evenly to food. With the Silver cast iron dish you will obtain superior cooking results, enhancing the authentic flavors of the dishes and preserving their nutritional values.

Served directly on the table at the end of cooking, it allows you to present dishes in a surprising way and to keep food warm during the meal.

The external surface is coated with highly resistant vitrified enamel that satisfies the eye with 5 different colors, from the most elegant to the most sophisticated


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