White - Sweet and sour balsamic barrique condiment - Acetaia del Tuono

White - Sweet and sour barrique condiment

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Premium Bittersweet White Barrique Condiment Terra del Tuono is the result of the slow aging of white grape concentrated must blended with premium mature white wine vinegar, aged for short time inside barrels of wood.

All the grapes we use come from Italy.

Features: the White  Barrique has a warm limpid amber color, with gold shades, and a fruity and aromatic taste due to the high quality of the grapes it is made of.

How to use it: It is perfect on fresh salads and steamed vegetables. Excellent on fresh seafood, shellfish and white meat.
Thanks to its natural sweetness and fruity taste, it is delicious on fresh fruit salads, ice cream and desserts.

Ingredients: concentrated white grape must, white wine vinegar.


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