Magna Regium,
 specialities from Reggio Emilia

Magna Regium is a business project by a group of friends who have decided to promote and spread traditional wine and food excellence addressing to both curious and most demanding expert people. Your meals will be delighted by the best traditional products from Reggio Emilia and by new discoveries, real delicacies found out thanks to our passion for our land, a common characteristic the founding members have had since tender age.

Reggio Emilia is the Plain and hills; it's the beautiful Po River and the majesty of the mountains towards Tuscany. Reggio Emilia is the cradle of a lot of traditions, not only of excellent products known all around the world for which we are admired, such as the thousand-year-old traditional Balsamic Vinegar from Reggio Emilia.

Our land represents also the will of introducing again those ancient vine varieties, almost disappeared, through which it is possible to have great wine such as Spergola or Lambrusco from Montericco; it is the revival of excellent tonic liquors such as Sburlone, distilled of quince, it is the desire of preserving peasant tradition which, with more care, have deserved the registered trademark D.O.P. for example the Jam made of Plum Zucchelle from Lentigione.

The Noble Pear and Balsamic Vinegar Compote is an example of our excellent capacity in preserving fruit; it can be eaten together with exquisite dish and other specialties. Among these there are several types of cheese such as the mixed ones and those made with sheep milk; local cheese factories in the mountains produce and preserve it with care handing down exquisite recipes with genuine passion.

Reggio represents norcina tradition with tasteful and different salami according to the place of their manufacturing: northern or southern of the imaginary line of Via Emilia. Among the most amazing we have Beef Salami with two different types of meat to create a delicious specialty from our hills.

Reggio Emilia is also experimentation such as the youth along the path of beer where they enjoy hops, malt and spices without hiding its sweet soul especially during celebrations. For example, forty days before Christmas Traditional Spongata from Brescello is cooked: it is even better if it is eaten together with a glass of Sweet Sparkling Malvasia watching one of the films Don Camillo e Peppone, two typical characters of this land where such delicacy is prepared with honey, spices, dried fruit and candied fruit.