Pecorino 90gg
  • Pecorino 90gg

Fiorino Pecorino Cheese - about 1800 gr - piece - Latteria Pascoli Alti

Fiorino Pecorino Cheese

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Fiorino Pecorino Cheese -  about 425 gr piece - Latteria Pascoli Alti

Pecorino cheese is made with ovine's milk and it is matured for about 90 days. It is vacuum-sealed packed.

Its cheese wheel has a 16/17cm diameter and it is about 7cm tall. It weights about 1,6/1,7 kg.

Its crust and inner part are intense yellow. Its consistency is half hard with fine holes.

Its taste is pleasant, intense and long-lasting. Only rennet of animal origin is used to produce this cheese.

Combination:honey, fruit preserve, cured meat.


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