Soft wheat flour - 1000 gr - Agugiaro and Figna Molini

Chestnut flour - 400 g - "Agriappennino" Farm 

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Chestnut flour - 400 g - "Agriappennino" Farm 

Flour originates when metati were used (ancient drying kiln) for the drying phase and grindstone were used for flour milling. Using these equipment gives authentic organoleptic and unique taste, consistency and quality which differentiate this flour from the industrial one.

Selected chestnuts are taken to the drying kiln and laid out on a wooden trellis upstairs. Chestnuts are dried with the smoke and heat coming from chestnut wood embers downstairs. After being dried, about 40 days, chestnuts are peeled by machinery and milled in grindstone.


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