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Anise and licorice elixir 500 ml - "Mistico Speziale" Farm

Anise and licorice elixir created to unite all the different anise fragrances

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Anise and licorice elixir 500 ml - "Mistico Speziale" Farm

Elixir created to unite all the different anise fragrances. It has a very unusual taste different from all classical liqueor of a kind. It comes from first-rate star anise and licorice, which creates, together with the different features of al lot of other spices and herbs, a very complex but balanced mix of aromas with warm, ancient and enchanting character. You can drink it straight up but, in order to best appreciate all the different aromatic flavours, you'd better prepare it like the classic French Pastis, that is adding 2-5 parts of cold water (according to your personal taste) for each liqueour part. This creates the typical “louche”. If you like, you can add ice at the end.


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