High Quality Cooked Ham, about 1.5 kg slice - Ferrarini

High Quality Cooked Ham, about 1.5 kg slice

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Since 1956 the original recipe based on 21 aromatic herbs and a very slow steam cooking give the High Quality Cooked Ham an unmistakable scent, making it the most recognized and the most appreciated.

The Prosciutto Cotto High Quality Ferrarini is no added polyphosphates, gluten, lactose and milk protein. All Ferrarini Cooked Hams are included in the AIC handbook.

Ingredients: Pork leg, salt, sucrose. Flavor enhancer: monosodium glutamate. Aromas and spices. Preservative: sodium nitrite.

Shelf Life: 180 days

Weight:  about 1.5 kg

Packaging:  Vacuum packed, aluminum bag

Storage: 0 / + 4 ° C 


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