Salame tradizionale reggiano - Gr. 500 circa
  • Salame tradizionale reggiano - Gr. 500 circa

Matured Ham Fiocco (about 1 kg)

It is the sweetest and lightest part of the leg of pig

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It is the same leg of the pig used to make raw ham. Domestic legs of pig with a weight between 15 and 17 kg are carefully selected in order to obtain a final piebald marking product with a resulting better taste.  From the first cutting you have culatello and afterwards fiocco. It is definetely light cured meat, protected by its natural rind and by leaf lard skilfully spread. Its slice is uniform both in colour and compactness. Its sweetness and softness are due to the process of salting and larding made by hand which is essential to soften the light part and have an adequate aging in rooms with controlled humidity. The long aging process between 6 and 10 months creates that intense fragrance you can smell while you slice it. Because it is wrapped both with its own rind and with lard it is good for long life and in the fridge its characteristics are not altered. Raw Ham Fiocco is very exquisite cured meat and its preparation is almost a ritual.

Advice to eat: the most appreciated combination and traditionally passed on is with bread and pieces of rolled butter. Ham should not be sliced thin but thick because with certain consistency you can savour it better. It is excellent with a glass of  sparkling Spergola or dry Malvasia.

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