List of products by brand Casa Vinicola Ca’ De’ Medici

Dark Lambrusco D.o.p. “Piazza San Prospero” - Cà de Medici - Since 1998 Dark Lambrusco Reggiano D.O.C. has been produced in honour of the Saint Patron of Reggio Emilia - 0,75 l

Price €5.95

Dry Malvasia “Rubigalia” Scandiano and Canossa Hills D.o.p - since 1937

Certified I.G.P Wine (PGI) quality certified product.

Price €6.52

Lambrusco Grasparossa Dop “Remigio 100” - Cà de Medici

“I.G.P.” wine (PGI) quality certified product.It has been produced for more than 100 years and it won several wine and food awards.

Price €6.96
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