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Nocino 500 ml - Bio Agriapistic Company "La Natura"

Traditional liqueour from Emilia Romagna, obtained from the walnut husk

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This traditional Nocino liqueour from Emilia Romagna, obtained from the walnut husk, has got a mysterious and frascinating story. It is told, infact, that it was an elixir drunk by witches at midsummer night and it had magic features. Its preparation starts harvesting walnuts at the right “tempo balsamico” (when they are not ripe yet), then they are cut with ceramic knives because metal starts walnut fast oxidation compromising its healthy features. As a matter of fact, unripe walnut is full of sap, oil and vitamins. It is full of fragrance and rich in gallic acid as well. It is recommended by traditional herbalists as digestive, tonic and against liver disease.


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