White Balsamic Condiment - 250 ml Terra del Tuono

Fine Condiment from White Grapes 250 ml

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White Balsamic Condiment - 250 ml Terra del Tuono

Obtained from the concentrated must of white grapes, mainly Malvasia, Spergola and Trebbiano, skilfully mixed with the finest mature white wine vinegar.

Color: clear and transparent, the ancient tone of golden amber.
Smell: the bouquet is clean, intense and persistent, with hints of fruity grapes, pleasantly sour.
Taste: the taste is sweet, lively but very balanced. Of great persistence in the mouth, the sensation of volatile acidity is pronounced while retaining a pleasant hint of sweetness.
Density: about 1.20
Aging: briefly in fine white oak barrels
Ingredients: concentrated musts of white grapes, wine vinegar, refined briefly in fine white oak barrels. 100% natural, high quality artisan product, it does not contain dyes, thickeners, preservatives or caramels.


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